The Badr Language Institute
The Badr Language Institute at Dar al-Mustafa in Tarim Hadramaut is on course to be one of the most respected Arabic language study programs in the world. Initiated as part of the on going development and revival of traditional education in the Hadramaut region of Yemen, the Badr Language Institute will offer prospective non-Arabic speaking students a wide range of language courses specially designed to suit their needs. Amongst the many courses that will be on offer will be intensive Arabic Language programs that allow the student to enter onto the program at five distinct intervals throughout year thus creating an air of flexibility for those who for one reason or another are unable to conform to the strict timing of the western academic calendar. Courses range in length from eight weeks to one or more years. The institute will also offer a two-year legal preparatory course suitable for Muslim students intent on pursuing further studies in Islamic legal thought and practice. The two-year legal preparatory course will adhere to the western academic calendar with course time beginning each year during the month of September through to June. The institute's world-class faculty teaches all classes in Classical Arabic finding no recourse to colloquial dialects in the pursuit of excellence in educational thought and practice.

A Brief Overview
Before the commencement of studies at the Badr Language Institute, each student will participate in a three-day intensive orientation designed to familiarize the student with the Arabic faculty and staff as well as the institute's rules and regulations. Amongst the most important things that the student will be briefed on apart from the strict behaviour regulations will be the importance of not speaking in one's own native tongue and confining oneself to conversing in the classical tongue of the Arabs. Difficult as it may sound to many a beginner past experience has proved how essential such restrictions are towards the sound development of efficient linguistic capabilities.
Tuition time will start on Saturday through to Thursday, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 5:30 p.m. small 10 minute breaks in between classes and a larger break between the noon and mid-afternoon prayers at which time lunch will be served and students can opt to take the traditional qaylulah (afternoon nap). All classes will last for a duration of 50 minutes each.