Application Procedures
Students wishing to apply for one of the courses on offer at BLI are advised to apply promptly so as to ensure that their place is reserved on the desired course. All students will be given a personal copy of the rules and regulations of the institute prior to enrollment and any failure to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Institute can result in the expulsion of the student. Refunds will be at the discretion of the Institute and in conformity to the Sacred Law of Islam.
All students wishing to apply for courses that will take place during the academic year of 2002/2003 are advised to confirm their reservation by the 31st March 2002, as acceptance onto the desired course cannot be guaranteed after this date. The BLI in order to maintain quality of instruction and maximize the learning efforts of the student has limited the capacity of not only the individual classes but also the entire educational facility. Therfore, spaces will be extremely limited. Students are advised to fill in the application form where applicable. All information received will be treated in the strictest of confidence. In brief;

1. Fill in the on-line application form or request an application form via post.
2. Select which course(s) you would like to enroll onto.
3. Return the form together with the $250 course deposit.

Course Pre-Requisites
Course pre-requisites will not be listed for each and every course. However, entry into all intermediary and advanced programs presupposes that the student is intermediary/advanced material. The BLI reserves the right to ascertain the students level in such cases via written/oral examinations where necessary. It is in the best interest of students that they correctly evaluate their level in the event that they desire to enroll on other than beginners/introductory course. Self-assessment can in many ways lead one to delude one's own standing thus it his highly recommended that one seeks the valued opinion of a person proficient in the Arabic Language.

Arrival in Tarim
All students are advised to be in Tarim three days prior to the commencement of their course. Full hospitality will be extended to students for the three days in question with students paying an additional $10 per day for each day that exceeds the aforementioned duration.
The BLI would be extremely grateful if students could inform us of their dates of arrival in Yemen. This is extremely important so that we can co-ordinate your travel from Seyoun to Tarim as well being able to troubleshoot any potential or actual problems that the student may encounter before his arrival in Tarim.