Why Badr?
There are many perceived and hidden advantages for the student who opts to further his studies at BLI. These include but are not limited to the following;

  • Enhanced Learning in a traditional Islamic society averse to western 'modernisation' and free from many of the ills that plague such western societies.
  • Learn Classical Arabic in a Arabic-speaking society that has a 1000 year continuous history for Islamic scholarship and erudition.
  • All classes will be limited to 19 students in order to facilitate language acquisition.
  • Solid preparation by teachers proficient in a broad range of Arabic and Islamic disciplines.
  • Travel opportunities to many classical Arab and Islamic sites.
  • Daily opportunities to participate in the many religious and cultural activities in the amazing city of Tarim.
  • Computer assisted language-learning software specially developed at the Badr institute to be made available for use by Badr students in the state of the art language lab.
  • Specially written Arabic language texts to aid in student language acquisition.
  • Specially designed language audio/visual materials to be made available for use both in and out of class time.
  • Excellent all-round service and assistance which allows the student to focus on the job at hand.
  • Excellent cuisine specially prepared for students unaccustomed to the dietary constraints of many a Muslim land.
  • Access to an excellent Arabic and Islamic Library.

The Badr Learning Experience
The Badr Arabic Language Faculty offers you a unique language learning experience that is virtually unmatched anywhere in the world. Badr is much more than textbooks, teachers and classrooms. It has been designed in such a way that allows the entire environment to shape not only your Arabic learning experience but also your adherance to the lofty principles of Islam. You will not only live Islam but you will for the first time in your life live it through the amazing vehicle of the Arabic Language. Sleep, study, eat, drink, make friends, interact with teachers, attend gatherings, all exclusively in Arabic. An entire learning experience not limited to the four walls of the classroom. The nucleus of the program is language acquisition and it is our aim to ensure that this is kept at the forefront of everyone involved at Badr, both teachers and students alike. You will even find the staff right down to the janitors receptive to this lofty principle. Where else would you find such opportunities to learn Arabic both inside and outside the classroom.

The Teaching Staff
The heart and soul of Badr is undoubtedly its teachers. Some of the most proficient teachers that we could find have been recruited from across the Arab and Islamic world to share their experiences and expertise with students who likewise come from the world over. In addition to the many hours spent in the classroom an added advantage is that the teachers at Badr make themselves available for individual help informally at all hours.

Extra-curricular Activities and Cultural Programs
The Badr Language Institute's programs include day trips to sites in and around the Hadramaut region such as the valley of Du'an and the amazing Hadrami city of Shibam. A weekly visit to at least one of the many Islamic gatherings organised in the city of Tarim will also be arranged allowing students to make use of their newly acquired vocabulary through interaction with teachers and students of knowledge familiar with Classical Arabic.
In addition, the Badr Language Institute will coordinates two optional four-day study excursions each academic year. Sites will include the world-renowned city of the Prophet Hud in Hadramaut, the old city of San'a in the nations capital as well as the coastal towns of Shihr and Mukalla in the southern most region of Hadramaut.
Over and above the courses, the Institute also offers other useful facilities such as access to a vast library of Arabic and Islamic literature, a computer based state of the art language learning tools and email and phone facilities for students